What Makes You Beautiful – Beauty Tips for Every Woman

fbe_girlBeing beautiful is a wish that every woman has. No matter how good looking a woman is, or how beautiful, she will always want to be even more beautiful. It’s a natural desire embedded in their psychic that a woman has to be as beautiful as she can be.

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, each woman will take into consideration different things that make her beautiful. Some will think about fashion, while others will think about cosmetics; some will choose cosmetic surgery over practicing sport, while others will simply accentuate what nature already gave them.

Here are some beauty tips that each woman can use.


Yes, this is something that every woman likes. However, the trick is that you have to use simple jewelry_PNG6838jewelry, made of silver, gold or platinum, with or without gemstones. Small earrings, a simple necklace and only one ring will definitely make you good looking.

It’s not good to use too much jewelry at once, as this is not considered to be of good taste. If you want to make a statement, use a bigger necklace, a bracelet or a bigger ring, but never place too many of those.

Ever since fashion was invented, it’s considered to be classy what is simple and effective.


background_fashionEven if there are many trends, it’s good to wear those clothes that fit you and that you feel comfortable in. Even if you see high heels on the catwalk, you don’t have to wear them if you don’t know how to walk in them. There are also other types of shoes available, and you can definitely choose something stylish and classy, without a high heel.

The same is valid for clothes – if they show on the catwalk that lace is trendy – for example – you don’t have to go and buy only lace clothes. Use accents on your clothes, like a blouse with a lace collar and you will also be trendy.

Make Up

girlMake up is used for a long time now, but some women simply don’t know how to apply it. There are plenty of make-up tips for you to choose from, and it’s better to go with a natural and simple make-up, especially if you don’t know how to use the eyeliner or other special products.

Apply a foundation in your skin tone, a translucent powder, an easy make-up with mascara and a nude lipstick. This will definitely look cleaner and natural, without giving you the effect of a mask on your face.

Hair Styling 

Brown-Beauty-Vector-psd76240This is one thing that all women have in common – all of them are looking for styling tips, as their hair is considered one of the best assets. Long or short, colored or natural, the hair is something that can undergo different changes and procedures.

There are different dyes for the hair, and most women prefer their hair to have a beautiful shiny color. However, it’s better if you ask a hair stylist before deciding on how to cut your hair and what color to choose for it, because everything should complement your facial features.

Cosmetic Surgery

This is used by many women, but you should carefully evaluate if you really need one. Sometimes, these procedures are made for aesthetical reasons, while other beauty (2)times these are performed for solving different health problems. If you are into the second category, then you can definitely have it.

A nose job, a liposuction or a breast implant are some of the most common interventions that women have. Don’t choose lightly, as this will have a permanent effect on your body.

There are plenty of beauty tips that are available to women, but most importantly, each of you should take into consideration what makes you comfortable most and what pleases you most, not what it’s trendy and fashionable.

Don’t forget good old fashioned pampering, including mobile massage carried out in your home, or luxurious facials also take years off you and are a lot less invasive than surgery!

Don’t Forget Sleep!

People tend to overlook sleep as one of THE most important factors in health and beauty.

It goes without saying that all the pruning and preening, and expensive hair appointments, clothes, skincare and make up will not ensure you look your best if you are dog-tired!

Bags under the eyes, and tired sallow looking skin, coupled with a physique that looks and feels slumped and lifeless won’t make you look or feel good no matter how much care you take with prepping and priming.

Some say 8 hours is optimum, we say, you are all individual and some of you may find you feel great on far less, or far more, It is about what works for you and your energy levels.

If sleeping issues plague you, address your diet and lifestyle first. Ensure you go to bed as soon as you feel sleepy and don’t use the snooze button on your alarm!

If you are struggling due to external factors, ie environmental factors including other noisy members of the household, or loud neighbours, traffic, barking dogs etc. Try using a Sound Machine for sleep. These are cheap and extremely effective.

If you cannot get a decent sleep despite these efforts contact your GP or find advice from a site like The Sleep Foundation or The Sleep Hub